How to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts

Sit down, cross-legged on the floor or lie down with your back to the ground, whichever you find comforting.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Slowly count from 1 to 10.

And imagine yourself looking at the universe. Your surroundings are pitch-black with stars twinkling in the distance from millions of miles away. On your left, there’s Mars, holding all its theories of presence of water and life and on to your right is Venus, competing with the sun, as it blazes away to glory. Ahead, there are smaller planets, meteorites and broken rock matter- some simply levitating, others accelerating.

Now that you are familiar with your surroundings, collect all your thoughts, the ones that make you hate yourself and the ones that make you hate the world. Think of them as fragments or photographs and put them all together in a big levitating heap in front of you. Allow them to coalesce until every individual thought or dream or nightmare or scene is rendered to nothing but a haze. Picture the haze moving into the distance. Imagine a nearby meteorite/planet opening up, like a box. Give it a name. (For the sake of this how-to, let’s call it Dioptre). Picture the haze moving inside Dioptre and its lid closing. Shake well. Now, think of every bad thing that has happened to humankind. Think of terrorism, poverty, murder and corruption.

And imagine every one of those bad things happening to Dioptre. Imagine its insides burning up, until there’s nothing but ash left behind. (If you’re not convinced, you can even add sound effects: boom, boom)

Imagine the universe around you is calm, and the planets/meteorites are oblivious to the destruction taking place inside Dioptre. Don’t you pity Dioptre. Remember that back on earth, you were Dioptre, with all those negative emotions. Remember that these planets and meteorites were the people around you, unaware of the what was slowly killing you. Remember that Dioptre has the power (pun intended) to destroy you.

Last but not quite the least, picture Dioptre drifting further into the distance.


And further.

And further….

Until even the farthest twinkling star is more prominently visible.

Say goodbye to Dioptre.

And return to Earth.

(this exercise can be repeated with other planets and meteorites such as Mr Watt and Horsepower.)

[a/n: idek know guys, physics is killing me]

{i do not own the picture}


9 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts

    1. loving this positive feedback rn bc i have been panicking over my math exam tomorrow that I haven’t studied for but im okay now ahaha you’re a gem ♥


        1. I can imagine what she must be going through and it’s best for the people who love her to be with her at this time.
          She will try to push you away, because her mind can’t find reason anymore but the truth is she’s empty, lonely inside.
          You need to find the cause and remove it. Do things that would’ve made her happy. Make her laugh, talk to her. Talk to her for about the depression, talk to her about happy things. Let her know that someone cares. Help her remember who she used to be before the depression came along. Distract her from her own state of mind.
          Remember to make her do some sort of physical activity. Walking, cardio, anything of that sort for atleast 20 minutes a day. It’ll help her keep her mind off things.

          Make sure she does something she used to aboslutely love to do. Make sure it’s fun for her again. She needs to find meaning again.

          I really hope this helped. And I hope your friend gets better with time!

          Im always here, anytime you wish to talk to someone 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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