Eye Love You

// never fall for the colour of his eyes


i gazed at his twinkling yellow eyes. the amber hues were bright enough to have me convinced that he was secretly a werewolf. however, he wasn’t. he was secretly an artist. his hands advanced on the canvas with utter grace, his head wrapped in a bandana that just covered his scrunched up eyebrows. the ones that adorned his eyes. his beautiful, twinkling golden eyes. but no hue was more revolting the day i found him violating the body of one of his models.


i gazed at his enigmatic green eyes. they reminded me of summer- the trees, the grass and mother nature. they reminded me of home. his love for animals was appealing. he nurtured abandoned puppies to health, took me horse-riding into the woods and almost always had a capuchin clinging to his back. he’d become their favorite human being with the way he caressed their fur softly, all the while lovingly looking at them with his eyes. his beautiful, enigmatic green eyes. but no hue was more revolting the day i found him letting a bullet stray into the heart of a deer.


i gazed at his bewitching gray eyes. when he first lay eyes on me, i felt a slight shiver. but when his fingers first brushed mine, it was heat that was transferred and the two temperatures coalesced into electricity. it was a cliché – he was the bad boy and i was the good girl and he took me on late night drives in his convertible to nowhere coupled with the softest kisses at our special place next to his favourite car store. even beneath the stars, i could see the wavering temperatures blazing and diminishing in the irises of his eyes. his beautiful, bewitching gray eyes. but no hue was more revolting the day i found a little girl in a pool of blood, sprawled in front of his cadillac.


i gazed at his dreamy blue eyes. he was the perfect gentleman – previously the captain of the basketball team, president of the school council, head of the math club and unmistakably a heartthrob who’d spiralled his way up to the top in his business. he bought me cars and clothes and chocolates and a trip to hawaii on my birthday. he’d tell me that i could have anything in the whole wide world and all i had to do was look straight into his eyes and ask. his beautiful, dreamy blue eyes. but no hue was more revolting the day money begin to disappear from the banks and appear, instead, in a room at his mansion, stacked atop each other in endless rows.


i gazed at his soft brown eyes. his cap was almost always askew and his obsession with blue lemonade mixed with alcohol was almost cute. on a casual excursion via yacht, he played the mouth organ and sang piano man when he spotted me in the audience. all night, he played his mouth organ between sips of his favorite lemonade leaving blue stains on the rim of the instrument. he didn’t refrain from singing the classics, the ones i enjoyed the most and even let me listen to his practice sessions for the upcoming annual musical yacht competition. i let my eyes close and listened to the highs and lows of his voice, shipping me to places the yacht could never take. as i leaned over the deck, i thought to myself that the beauty of the ocean could never amount to the beauty beheld in his eyes. his beautiful, soft brown eyes. but no hue was more revolting the day i found three empty bottles of blue lemonade and alcohol and three bodies of the competitors in the upcoming annual musical yacht competition.


i gazed at his enchanting purple eyes. he flicked his hair to the side in one swift movement and then took me on an adventure of a lifetime. he whispered to me his darkest secrets and i told him mine and we became one. his violet irises shone brighter than the sun and he seemed to have the whole world in his hands. for the first time, i’d fallen in love. fallen in love with him but more importantly, his eyes. his beautiful, enchanting purple eyes. but no hue was more revolting the day i woke up on my bed only to find that he was nothing but a figment of my imagination and ceased to exist the moment i awoke.


[ a/n: this is by far the creepiest thing I’ve written and I’m not sure if regret it entirely!

The title credits goes to Rudra because if I’m punny, it’s only because of her. The attached piece of art was made by her as well. She’s amazing at what she does so please so check her Instagram page out! props to Saandy for helping me out with the names ❤ ]


4 thoughts on “Eye Love You

  1. this is so creative and alluring and vaguely ominous – in a good way. i really like how everything circles back to the same point, and in the end, the only eyes which matter are your own.
    also, your friend is really talented :O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you x
      this plot was literally the first thing that came into my head when I first looked at the eye painting and my original plan was to make it slight bit creepier by putting in a serial killer somewhere but I decided against it, ha!
      good lord, im a creep, aren’t I?

      oh yes, she IS very talented! but she hardly ever believes it. i’ll let her know that you think so c:


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