About moi

The name’s Addie.

For about two years, I wrote under the name Dior Night because I think it’s way cooler than Addie (and also, because i wasn’t comfortable giving out real information about me over the internet, but that’s a story for another day).

I identify myself as a geeky cat because I’m actually very awkward in person + a lazy bag of bones; hence the banner is that of a cat with glasses. (geeky, enough??)

I’m made of indie and rock music, video games, Chandler Bing’s wit, all things Potter, procrastination, puns, movies and books of ALL genres, an overuse of lol and lmao, ice cream, all things living and biology; and coffee, but only sometimes.

Fun fact (or not-so-fun depending on what sort of person you are): I don’t love cats. Oh, the irony.

What does The Crimson Dilemma signify? Nothing. It doesn’t mean anything. Crimson is a shade of red, which happens to be my favorite color. And back when I created this blog, I was obsessed with the word Dilemma. So, there you have it.

This blog is my thoughts, musings, daydreams, revelations, epiphanies and rants.

It is also a mess.

I just hope that your weirdness is compatible with mine 🙂